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What do you guys take with you on trail rides when you are 10 miles or more from the truck/home or help?

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This is not really specific to the TY 250, but hopefully nobody will kick me off of here for asking a non- trials question?

I started exploring the riding areas around here and realized very soon that I had no safety gear that would help anything if I (fill in the blank!)

I went riding and the area was remote and getting remoter as each mile went by.  But the road was just a bit boring for me and I took off on a path maybe 4 ft wide.  It went on for miles and was slowly climbing the side of a 5000 foot mountain, so it got rockier and steeper as it progressed.

I had gone thru several open gates and there was no one on this trail except yours truly.  This went on for maybe an hour.  The view was getting better and the forest service had added some rock garden stuff across the path that was loose and maybe 3-4 inches across each rock.  Now that's interesting stuff on a steep'ish climb when the right shoulder drops away maybe 300 feet. So I took a line that would not risk going over the edge, but that ended up with me in the rocks.  The bike died and would not start any time soon.  (flooded) 

So my options were few at that point- no tools of any kind!  No damage to me or the bike, but now I'm at least 20 miles from my truck and part of it is uphill.  Luckily I had a fairly straight downhill path on which to try a bump start.  I wasn't sure it would work because of my 12/53 gearing but I finally managed to get it into 3rd and it came back to life like nothing had happened!  

But since then I have been gathering things that I think would actually be worth having in the "outback" of North Idaho.  

Here is a list so far: 2 liter hydration backpack/storage (smallish rucksack with 6 zipper compartments) 

In this I carry the water pouch and drink tube, food and first aid stuff.  A lighter, tire gauge, a 6 in one screwdriver, 5mm Allen wrench, spare spark plug and socket,  two 10mm open/box end spanners, a tiny 1/4" rachet,  10.12, 13 and 14mm sockets, safety wire, a length of parachute cord and soon a 25 foot tow strap.    A cell phone charger and the cell phone.  The charger has a flash light mode and is also solar capable and even has a small compass and is "waterproof- shock resistant.  

I am still hung up on the idea of carrying tools for a flat tire.  I was changing tires today in my garage and it was the rear tire.  I don't think it would be possible to do on the trail.  The tire is too stiff and it took way more tools to get it off the rim than anyone could carry on their bike, - that being said- it was a full tire swap and not just fixing a flat.  The tire was a knobby and had been on there for umpteen years, so there was that to consider.  

The other negative side of a trail side flat fix is all the weight of the stuff you need to carry- At least a front inner tube- 3 pounds ? a tire pump- half a pound- tire irons- a pound at least.  maybe a tire patch kit- 1/4 pound.  And that's not really enough. 

So that brings up the idea of a front fender mounted tool bag.   That gets about 4- 7 pounds out of your backpack and I think that's probably worth thinking about.  I have not found one I like yet, but I'm not giving up on it just yet.

Comments or suggestions are always welcome!

I know the first thing you guys are gonna say - so no- I don't have a riding buddy yet.  I have friends that are way more experienced and faster than me, plus they wear all the pads and battle gear which I don't have yet.   So far I managed to spend 300 on boots and shin guards.  I have an open face helmet but I can't find a wrap around that I like. 




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Trials bikes ride ok on flat tyres if you're just limping it home gently.  Having a mini pump is handy though.

For a trials bike I'd go for a mini tail pack over a front mudguard bag personally, or maybe strap it to where the headlamp should be.  You don't really need body armor of you're going at trials pace (ie. slowly, lol).

If you're going to the proper middle of nowhere I'd suggest looking at an emergency satellite phone or beacon thing if you can't find others to go with.  When I'm on my own I avoid going out of mobile phone range, though I'm often cut off in valleys 😕 I always take plenty of water though so I can hike home if it's the bike broken and not me ...

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One thing I Think Sammy Miller said is use the tools you are carrying at least once in the garage -  no point carrying a tool around that breaks/doesn't actually fit or several tool that you are never going to use.

Can you cut and shut several tools together -  I weld the end of an Allen key onto my adjustable spanner for front spindle - saves carrying 6" of Allen key around. You could weld a socket etc to one if more suited.

Try and standardize on bolts  -ie fit allen screws rather than hex head bolts to the bike -minimal cost but 1 tool does all - I think my mono yam could be virtually stripped with just a screwdriver. couple of Allen keys and my multi tool adjustable spanner  - SSDT prep👍

Again Sammy would fit as many tools to to the bike as possible and a spare clutch and throttle cable routed in place and taped to existing ones.

Some money  - again Sammy carried notes not coins as lighter  -no good in the wilderness but may help get you a lift home. 

If not a tube (front one  -lighter) and will do a rear if needed to get you home then at least a puncture kit and pump  - if only trail riding then time is not as much an issue as in an event .

Possibly fuel in case you tip it upside down  -gaffer tape -cable ties




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A flask of hard stuff in case you have to stay out overnight.

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