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CDI Unit problems


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Hi there. We bought a 2021 Gas Gas 125 Racing on the 23rd March with the special deal of £1000 discount.

There were several things that had to be sorted before it could be made ready to ride.

The second time it was ridden by our 13 year Granddaughter it started mis-firing and back firing.

The van we transport it in had a lot of condensation and the wires and CDI unit were damp.

It had been put in the van over night after a few hours running the motor in.

My son dried everything off and the motor was running well again.

But after breaking down twice at trials and 17.8 hours of running it failed to re-start after a few hours of riding and had to be pushed back.

On stripping everything down, it appears the problem is the CDI unit - Gas Gas 200619 - ET51100C1.CSZ-1.

I understand that Competition Bikes are not usually covered under any Guarantee.

But surely after having problems from day one there has to be some kind of replacement?

My son fitted the CDI unit from her old 2015 GG 125 and it is running like a dream.

Is there a UK Importer that would offer assistance other than the dealer we bought from who hasn't bothered to answer the query?


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2 hours ago, johnsandywhite said:

I understand that Competition Bikes are not usually covered under any Guarantee.

Thats not true. Don't ask me how long warranty is though lol. In america the official GG warranty is 30 days, not sure about the UK, but ive heard people get their GG fixed under warranty up to 6 months before the switch to KTM. That could be the specific dealers warranty though. Not sure who the official uk importer for GG is these days, used to be john shirt, but pretty sure he's not anymore. Also a damp van should not cause electrical problems.

I guess you could count yourself lucky you've diagnosed the problem if you do end up having to fix it yourself

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As faussy says I think you get a months warranty. But any reputable dealer should replace a faulty CDI on a brand new bike! a little bit of damp should not affect the CDI unit, they are designed to be robust enough against water ingress! These are off road competition bikes that are meant to be useable in all wet conditions. 

If you are getting no joy from the original dealer it may be worth speaking to someone like John Shirt who can advise you on how to proceed.  

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19 hours ago, richt said:

I had a CDI issue with an Enduro bike I was told there was no warranty for competition bikes, but if it was road registered which it was then there is 12 months warranty.

How old was the bike? if a brand new bike comes with a faulty component then it surely should be replaced at no cost regardless of whether its a competition bike or not. I understand that competition bikes get lots of abuse when ridden so it would be a financial nightmare for manufacturers unless they limit warranties. But a brand new bike that has done virtually no hours, and and a major component fails, then surely there should be no argument?

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