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2000 Beta Rev 3 270


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Hi everyone, 

If everything's going right I'll get a 2000 Beta Rev 3 270. It looks in good shape and the description says: "Low hours looks like it’s hardly been ridden." Is there anything I have to look at or check on this specific bike?

I try to find the user manual for this bike and even better the workshop manual but I can not find it. Does anyone knows where I can find them or even better, can give them to me!? :)

I use to make the maintenance on my Ducati but I know that the maintenance on a trial bike is very different. On top of that, I'm a heavy guy and I want to know how to set the suspensions on this bike, because I know that the reverse fork is specific for this model.

Thanks a lot for your help!! 

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There is a parts diagram here

https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2000 Rev 125-270 2 stroke.pdf

This is a later model owners manual, but most of it is useful.



The suspension is pretty simple, just preload and damping front and rear, there's a few guides about on youtube, though you might be fighting a losing battle if the suspension is tired out.

The rear suspension unit is prone to leaking with use/age, but as it's attached direct to the swinging arm, there's only a couple of bushes top and bottom to worry about.


The carbs float height needs to be spot on, otherwise it'll flood up (and dribble out of the breather) and/or lean out on climbs.

They also don't like regular fuel, they can pre detonate, knock and bang, best run on 98 ron.

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As mentioned above if you get the float setting perfect a Beta engine is pretty bomb proof. 

The electrics are a common fault, in particular the stators go on them frequently, so ask if it's it had a new/reconditioned one fitted. After every wash (and wet ride) make sure to take off the flywheel cover and give it a squirt of WD40 or something similar to disperse any water and let it dry out fully.

The clutch can stick when cold and drag a little when in use. If that bothers you search for the beta clutch fix on here you will find all you need to resolve that.

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On 7/7/2021 at 2:46 PM, petert said:

Guard the rear mudguard (fender) and airfilter with your life, they are made from unobtainium. The setup was peculiar to the 2000 model and poss 2001

Yes, the 2000 and 2001 had the airfilter and cover on the left side of the bike, later models had them under a flap in the seat(cough)/rear mudguard so they had different rear mudguards and as PeterT states, the early ones are all gone now.

I had a 2001 and a 2007 and from what I remember, it didn't look like it would have been impossible to change over to the later setup. I never tried it but some one might have.


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