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1998 Scorpa 250 for newbie


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I'm still going back and forth between early 2000 water cooled bike to a vintage air cooled bike. 

The main reason is lack of inventory (or not inventory at all) where I live. 

There is currently water cooled one for sale in my area. List says 1998 Scorpa Sr250. I'm guessing it's SY? because I didn't see any indication for Sr.. bike seems pretty "tired" and priced $1800

Is it a recommend model for a newbie? any known issues? are parts easy to source in the US?

Any advice would be appreciate.  

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We have a Scorpa sy250, don't know exact year. It haves a Yamaha engine, stamped with big letters in the clutch cover.

Actually a pretty nice bike, runs smoother then our Beta rev3 but that might be due to poor jetting.

Over here such bikes costs something with 3 numbers. 

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1998 with be a Rotax engined "Easy" model. I know you were interested in a K Roo at one point, so think K Roo only worse.

I seem to remember Graham Jarvis won the 1998 SSDT on one, about the bikes only notable achievement and probably says more about Graham than the bike!

From that period, the Beta Techno and the Montesa 315 were leaps and bounds ahead of it.


Don't think Scorpa used Yamaha engines until 2001 when they launched the SY.

The SR came in 2010.


Scorpa also sold the TYF from around 2003, though I think they used a few other names for it over the years/markets like TYS (I think that model came with a proper seat).

This was a 4 stroke, aircooled "modern" trials bike. It's quite a tidy bike that found a bit of a following as a cheaper, easier to handle bike than Montesa's 4 stroke, the 4RT.

Think it came with either a 125cc or 175cc engine but there are kits to take the 125 version out to around 143 to 160cc.

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