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172 Questions…

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I’ve got the opportunity to buy an old 172 that needs a bit of TLC.

I had a one year old one from Windsor Comp Shop way back in 1978 so quite a late one (with the stripes on the tank) which looked gorgeous but used to be a bit of a pain to start and maintain as a 16 year old with zero parental interest in my motorcycle antics.

My questions are:-

1. Can you still get most parts for the 172?

2. Are there any decent (but not changing the look) upgrades that are available - eg. Electronic ignition, brake pads that actually stop, etc.

3. Any other massive things to look out for?

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

it’s either this or a Vespa Rally 200 which a very separate passion (but iconic if you know your scoots…!!!)

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I don't know a great deal about 172's but on my 348 the biggest bang for buck in terms of upgrades were:

1, Put modern roller type bearings in the headstock

2, Get a modern carb an OKO 24/26 will make starting and throttle response a lot better than the old amal that is probably

worn out

3, You can get oversize green grip brake shoes that counter the hubs been worn from 40 years of riding

hope that helps and not to expensive !!




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