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1973 Montesa Cota 247

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There is currently one for sale near me at $2350.

Is this model and year consider to be desirable vintage trials? 

Is it hard to find parts in the US?

Any recommend/ issues/ notes?

I will appreciate any help or thought.


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Cota 247s are not popular in vintage trials competition nowadays but are great to look at. It's harder to find parts for them than for the popular vintage trials bikes because not many were sold at the time. They are nice to ride though. If you want to ride something different to others, they would be a good choice.

As for being a 1973 model, the 247 model had very little product development after 1970 so a 1973 is as good as they get.

The early models 1967/68/69 are rare and desirable but not as good to ride.

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They're beautiful bikes.


I have a 70 or 71 that is in very good condition cosmetically, but not sure about the motor.  It ran when parked out of the weather many years ago, and I think the motor still turns over (not seized).   I have no use for it and would be happy to offer it at a very low price should you require any spare parts.  

My home is in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mts, near The China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center.

Please feel free to inquire if you should need anything.




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Thank you guys for the input.

I don't see myself buying a bike outside my area in Central NY. 


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