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Good Evening 

I’m in the process of getting into trials and have been sussing out what clobber I need and working out costs. Boots, thinking of Forma Boulders, I used to have Forma Raptor MX boots and liked their fit. Helmet, well I wasn’t going to go overboard initially, maybe a Wolf Sport or Spada cheapie to get going with. What I’m wondering about is trousers - I’m not bonkers about spending over £100 on a pair of skintight multi-coloured leggings really, not yet at least but that’s what comes up when I search ‘trials pants/trousers’. I’d like some knee protection as well which they don’t look like they have generally, my knees aren’t great and I would like to protect them.

I’d like to upgrade as I go but initially need everything so I’m trying to watch the pennies a bit. Just want something suitably protective and comfortable and preferably a little less ‘bright’.

Suggestions welcome please!

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7 hours ago, paulmac said:

Just saying… why would you think of buying a ‘cheap’ helmet, you’ve only got one life. And good trials specific boots make riding much easier.

For trials riding a cheap helmet works fine, it's not like you'll be headbutting a lorry at 70mph - the expensive ones only add airflow and take away a bit of weight, and anything bought now will be ECE compliant safety-wise anyway.  As for the boots, anything flexible that doesn't fold around the footpeg works well to start off with - the Lidl boots I had at first were great, just not up to the rigors of more than half a dozen trials, lol

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