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Does Honda Montesa make parts anymore? Dealer has had my bike for 8 months, waiting tappet


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Gday Mates, Hoping for a bit of advice on my situation. My 2006 Montesa 4rt has been at the Honda dealer for 9 months now. They replaced the cylinder head way back and since they are waiting on a final part (cover tappet). Simple part that covers the adjust holes. I call once a month maybe and they give the same answer. They have the part on order, but it's out of stock and nobody has a clue when it might be available. I'm wondering if they even make them anymore or how to find out. Any advice. I'm in the US and don't know too many riders. Does Honda make Montesa make parts anymore?  THANK YOU!

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Someone is pulling your leg !

Thats a polite Brit expression ! , go down to wherever your bike is and discuss face to face, its a trials bike not some piece of exotica, just get it fixed.

good luck


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