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Bike bogging down off choke ??


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you can sometimes get water included with your fuel at pumps [at no extra charge???] it only takes one drip to foul your jet, so unfortunately its a strip and blow out, or you could try the lazy way and apply an airline at the fuel pipe which does the job sometimes? NOT familiar with the evo so if its got a fuel pump do not use airline!! this is a common occurrence due to condensation in station pumps, and most times it is mopeds that suffer worst as they have even smaller jets and its the mechanics nightmare.On my bike I use a good fuel filter and orientate it so fuel goes in at the low point and out at the high point, its useful to have a clearish plastic filter as you could check occasionally and drain if necessary, note as an example air compressors have the same problem with condensation in the air and can be a nightmare if you're spraying and water comes through with the paint.. As you can see there is a few nightmares in my notes!! but it is close to Halloween ??? hope this sorts you out..P.S.ALWAYS CARRY TOOLS NEEDED FOR THIS JOB TO MEETINGS AS YOU DON'T WANT TO TRAVEL MILES AND FIND THIS PROBLEM AT TRIAL OR PRACTICE GROUND?? BET YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND SOME ONE IN THE PADDOCK WITH TOOLS,,BECAUSE THEY'VE GOT THE T-SHIRT ;-]


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Cabby, It seems to be more common these days with the **** quality fuel we have to use. Hope you just cleared with airline and wasn't tempted to bodge a bit of wire down it! Seen too many pilot jets been ruined by "jet cleaning" tools that are too large for the size of jet..............


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Definitely this.  Not used my Evo for a while. Rode it last weekend and for the first time ever wasn’t running like normal. I whipped the carb drain plug out and sure enough it was filled with goo. I cleaned it out in the woods. Ran fuel through the carb and was sorted. No issues the rest of the ride. From now on this will be a pre ride check. 

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