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Which to choose ?


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Hi all,

Im coming back to trials after a very very long break so not upto speed on bikes/gear.

Im not going to be spending a great deal of cash but have a budget. Conundrum is 2008 Beta Rev 250 or 2013 Beta Evo 250, £400 difference between the two although the older bike is slightly better condition.


Is the extra £400 on the evo going to be better/worth it ?




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I agree the evo is without doubt the better bike, by design a development of the rev3.

BUT , I’d have thought with only £400 difference for a 5 year newer bike of a newer model, then the evo is surely in significantly poorer condition and might cost you another wedge to bring it up to scratch. It’s not an easy decision between the two to be honest if you’re on a tight budget, but I’d try to go evo if you can afford some extra cash for some repairs. Give it a real good check over, bear in mind just a pair of knackered tyres is £200 to replace, once you add in discs/pads, chains/sprockets, linkage bushes etc then there’s a few hundred more, not to mention cosmetic stuff.
If you are still stuck at the lower budget then sit tight, older evo’s do come along in decent fettle, for not much more than the really tidy rev3’s that seem to be quite plentiful at the moment.(must have been lots sitting in sheds that have been resurrected during lockdown).

Enjoy your return whatever you buy !

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Goes without saying that more cash means better bike as a rule, but you still have to be careful when buying anything secondhand. The rev 3 was a good bike, but the evo was a great improvement. Says a lot that they both had/have long production runs with only minor updates each year, (sometimes not much more than colour scheme😉) Don’t know how long it is since you last rode & what bike you had, but modern bikes (even 15 year old), are amazing and highly likely to be capable of far more than you are as a rider. (No offence, you could be an ex champ 😂) The better the bike the better you’ll be and the easier it is to ride, so if you can stretch to the newer model then do so, even if you have to buy the bike & then do some repairs & replacements.                                                           I think Conundrum was the right word you started with. But good luck.

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