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Keihin Pwk 28 Rebuild gaskets


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I think I've found the problem with the idling on my Beta Evo 125. It has always been rich on idle. I changed the 55 pilot to 52 and it dramatically improved things. Now idles ok at 1.75 turns out compared to the 3.5 on the 55 jet.

But I noticed when I was cleaning out the pilot circuit prior to fitting new pilot jet that when I put carb cleaner down the pilot jet hole it fizzed out of the mating surface between the jet block and the carb body. Im thinking this will cause incorrect idling due to over richness of fuel so I want to replace the o-ring for the jet tower. Problem is nobody in the UK seems to sell the genuine part and postage plus part from the USA or Europe seems to be astronomical close to £20.

Was wondering if anyone has used any of the cheap rebuild kits on eBay (see photo). I can buy one for £9.99 and all the gaskets are there. Are they any good before I waste my money and time on them ?


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16 hours ago, oldtrialer said:

If Roger will send the o-rings in a letter envelope taped to a piece of paper it would only cost $1.30 postage. I would contact him about this option.

Thanks for that. I emailed Roger and he kindly agreed to send them in an envelope. Great advice. Thanks. Gaz

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