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97 Beta Techno triple clamp broken


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Hello, Im new to trials and recently bought a 1997 Beta Techno 250. I realized later that the lower triple tree clamp was broken. Ive been having trouble locating a replacement part. I tried Beta USA and they found a whole triple tree/fork assembly located in Italy but they wont seperate the forks from the triple tree and want quite a bit of money. I was hoping to find something used or possibly even new at a more budget friendly price point. Can anyone point me to a source to find something like this? Parts for these older Betas seem to be getting rare and trials is not very popular here in the US. Im interested in finding out if some other triple clamps might fit my bike to help me broaden my search for a useable part. Can I use a triple tree from a newer Beta trials bike? For example I found a triple tree from a Beta Rev 3, would that bolt right onto my techno and fit my forks? Would a triple tree from another brand (sherco, gas gas, etc) fit onto my bike? What other options do I have? Im trying to get this thing fixed before spring so me and my kids can begin learning this sport. Any help to get me on the right track would be appreciated. Thank you!



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