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Investigate a purchase for HP or debt on bike.


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You can ask the seller to show you the receipt from when they bought it, but other than that you just have to trust them.
Honest sellers won’t mind you asking probing questions or getting in touch with previous owners, or maybe even showing you bank transaction records etc to prove they’re the legal owner with the right to sell it. Always helps if you can find a bike from or via someone you trust in your local club.

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I found a bike tonight local to me, 10 miles away, absolutley beutifull condition & a very nice honest guy, him and his son was so polite, all documentation straight to hand including receipts of payment, I think I have found my dream Trials bike, and local.    thanks to everyone for all your help.

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On 1/14/2022 at 9:04 AM, theluckyone said:

If you get it, put a picture up on here for us all to see you riding it with a big happy face! Think we all need a good news story to balance up the books.

Picture done, Now just need to learn how to ride it.

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