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Chirping Exhaust


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My 2018 Montesa Cota 4rt seems to have a chirping sound coming from the exhaust. I’m not sure if there is something wrong with the bike or if this is normal. Does anyone know if my bike sounds like it’s running good and any ideas on the chirping? Sound available below. 

few things I’ve done:

changed the spark plug to OEM (previous owner had a very cold plug) and that reduced the chirping but not fully

Cleaned and oiled air filter (still makes sound even with air filter out, so it’s not over oiled or anything)

regular oil change and oil filter change

replaced gearbox oil with elf htx740

Give it a listen here:


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17 hours ago, feetupfun said:

I couldn't hear any chirps. Maybe the high frequencies have been lost during the recording.

Do you mean the farty noise when you close the throttle? (this is a normal thing)

yep, it's a rather high pitched sound as soon as the throttle is closed and the revs drop back down to idle. sometimes it'll happen in idle too but i'm glad it's normal behavior 

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42 minutes ago, lineaway said:

 Sounds for the most part normal, are you sure there is not a leak at the gasket between pipes.

thanks for the suggestion, i just checked the bolts between the pipe and exhaust port along with a clamp between the muffler and pipe. the latter was a little loose so i tightened it up. i'll check for any odd sounds tomorrow.  

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