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Evo Bigger Clutch cylinders

evo boy

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If you like your clutch.... leave it alone. For some reason Beta clutches are all over the map feel wise. My '21 200 Factory had a super stiff pull and a good bit of drag. I changed to a bigger slave cylinder and Surflex friction plates. I now have a light pull and progressive engagement and no drag.  My friend got a '21 250 Factory and his clutch was great right out of the box. Another friend just got a '22 standard Evo 250 and his clutch is like mine was stock.

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3 hours ago, overthehilltrials said:

What is the part # for a 30mm slave cylinder for a beta evo 200?

There seems to be no part number for it. Mine came in a bag with no markings. I got it from Joe Snelling in the UK, as he sells Hipple Racing parts in the UK.

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I'm inclined to think the Hipple part is the way to go. George's stuff looks well thought out and well made. As to the matter of more drag as the clutch plates have less maximum separation with less clutch throw I don't think that will be a big deal if the washers that take up the slack in the mechanism are adjusted properly.

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