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This seems to be a big issue at the moment. I'm going to be needing a new rear soon so just checked on my favourite trader's website. "No stock". So I tried a few others and they were all the same. The only place that claimed to have stock had a Michelin X-Light rear priced at £222 😡 .

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Michelin did put out a press release (this last winter?) saying there would be issues for over a year

i suspect that have a high natural rubber content and i think are made in SE Asia (ie shipping issues)

i also hear from other riders issues getting hold of other tyres (MX, Enduro, Trials)


i no longer work in the tyre indsutry, but i would suggest asking Watling Tyres's Gillignham branch or (if the orgional poster is still asking) try enduro tyres dot com (who show them as out of stock) - both of these companies are big micheling tyres so should know more

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I've posted this before on another tyre thread but the tyre situation with effective reliance upon one manufacturer is not healthy, bikes are reportedly held up on production lines too for lack of tyres as few manufacturers want to be seen to be delivering bikes with anything else as a standard fitment to their competition models. There's also lots of conjecture about what the price is going to be of a new Michelin when they do become available.

Maybe now would be a good time to look at the tyre regulations to try and encourage other manufacturers into what is admittedly a very small market, a bit of competition never goes amiss.

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7 hours ago, nigel dabster said:

Apparently a shortage of carbon black, whatever that is.

It's a major component of off-road tyres, less so street tyres because need the flexibility and grip provided by putting more silicone into the mix

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