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Fantic 240 and 300 swing arms.


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Can anyone tell me if these are the same, I thought the way the brake plates were held in place was different for a start and I would have thought some dimensions between the two would differ also. Thanks.

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Both 240 & 300 Swingarms & frames are completely different. Having said that, the alloy swingarms from later models can be made to fit, but not a job for beginners, as a fair amount of engineering required, i.e  dural parts to machine on lathe, & lots of alloy welding  required. Got a 240 with a 245 alloy swingarm. Have also seen a 300 with a 245 swingarm fitted.

240 / 300 foot peg  lowering / relocation is a good mod.

240 fork angle mod also worth doing, as is beefing up headstock area plating, as its prone to flexing.

300 fork angle is pretty good as standard.  

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