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Ossa MAR brake pedal/chain tensioner


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At my first trial today which I thoroughly enjoyed,(Thanks Loughborough club) I lost a swing arm spindle bolt (Shame on me for poor preparation).

But when we dug a little deeper it seems really strange that the position of the rear brake pedal is effected by the chain tensioner and by default chain tension. I'll blame this for my ineptitude to find the rear brake pedal for descents. Is this really correct. Thinking of removing original tensioner and fitting an aftermarket one to disassociate the 2, so the chain tensioner tensions and the brake pedal brakes, and I can fix its rest position in one place.

Have I not got mine set up correctly, is it missing something? Has anyone modified the pedal to make it easier to activate, again thinking of welding on extensions.

Finally, i notice the Pioneer brake pedal has a large "C" arm on it implying it uses a rod to activate the brake, has anyone tried this swap?

Any advise gratefully received. Regards Ian


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Yes that's the standard setup on the MAR. It is an odd and quirky design.

I did think about doing something for a while and was considering using a rear wheel hub with the brake plate on the same side as the sprocket so a simple brake rod could be used. If I was going to do that I would choose a wheel hub that also had a bigger diameter axle than the problematic 12mm standard axle.

If you do change it to a more conventional design please post up photos.

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