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2011 2.9 Fan Switch Failure


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The fan switch has packed up on my 2011 2.9. The thread size measure M16x1.0 and it's switching is marked as 75/68degrees (when it works, obviously!).

The fan switch from a 2013 onwards GasGas may fit, but I can't 100% confirm whether they are interchangable. The GasGas unit is significantly cheaper to buy than the Sherco unit, even though they are at least 99% identical.

I've spoken with the (slightly less than helpful) chap at TrialsUK who told me they are definitely not interchangable as the thread size and switch logic is different (but Sherco switch is normally open and he advised the GasGas switch is normally open, so almost certainly doesn't really know his onions!), but they are equally listed by trials breakers on Ebay as a common part.

TrialsBreakers ebay listing (new part) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233925021403?hash=item3677048edb:g:vpkAAOSwLzBe-4lX

TrialsUK GasGas part https://www.trialsuk.co.uk/GasGas-Radiator-ThermostatFan-Switch---TXT-ProRacingFactoryGP---2013-Onwards?search=thermostat

TrialsUK Sherco part https://www.trialsuk.co.uk/Sherco-ThermostatFan-Switch-2010-2017--Scorpa-SRTwenty-2011-2017?search=thermostat


Any knowledge appreciated!


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Some fan switches are thermostats that close contacts over a certain temp and some are thermistors which pull a reference voltage down that is generated by the ignition module. Thermistors cannot handle fan current flow. Recommend that you install the correct component for your bike. 

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Splatshop list the switch as fitting Sherco & Scorpa 2010 on, Gas Gas factory 2013 on & all other Gas Gas from 2014, they're normally pretty good at knowing which parts are interchangeable & will often recommend using whichever brands parts are cheapest

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So I ordered the GasGas part as it was cheaper…and it turned out to absolutely the right thing to have done :)

The original Sherco switch and the new GasGas switch are identical parts in every way apart from one has a GasGas part number and the other has a Sherco part number. They are both normally open bimetallic switches that are 75degrees ‘on’ and 68degrees ‘off’. Threads are identical and are M16x1.0 as far as I can determine.

GasGas part now fitted to my 2011 Sherco 2.9 and all is working exactly is it should do.


See photos - the Sherco part is always on the RHS.A3CE481C-42A2-4E40-8250-8D0050FE670B.thumb.jpeg.7640e55a5ab6bb4eb4f304c3c6ef646c.jpegF70E36B7-AAEF-48B2-BC72-37A0C1E5542E.thumb.jpeg.aebbb5cc8b7b968ff02da1088451a3f0.jpegFF108672-A267-4D16-9379-567CD0F26C8D.thumb.jpeg.b6abe4cfe9f162101ebbeefe9df55a01.jpegA637A17B-06C0-4AA5-9E4B-4CDB1CC8B389.thumb.jpeg.706b4ef3db109076ae95b29ce74cb9f6.jpeg



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