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Beta clutch pull


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Hello all, I am sure its been hashed and rehashed but I can't seem to locate the topic cleanly.

My desire is to lighten the clutch lever pull on a 2014 Beta 300 2T. 

I have experimented in the past with removing two springs on enduro bikes, I am, however somewhat hesitant to do this on my Beta for various reasons. At one point came across a thread in which a member, I believe it was Lineaway chimed in with a set of alternate springs that seemed to be just the ticket. I can't remember it was even a Beta that was referred to. If anyone has suggestions or can point to a solution, I'd be much appreciative



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Firstly, I do appreciate you fellas weighing in. I tried the two out option, and experienced slippage in 5th and 6th...probably something I can live with, but it also creates a less positive feel when dumping the clutch, not something I want...Just finished experimenting with shims under the cap bolts, however ran into clearance issues with the cover, think I'll look for some thinner washers, I did actuate the clutch with the bolts not fully seated, with marginal returns(obviously not running) Wish I could locate the aforementioned thread. 


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 What I actually did was take gasser 160 springs and cut to the same length as the Beta springs. If you want to eliminate drag you have to add a thin shim to the flat bearing on the pressure plate.

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I just put two springs back in, to make it 6 again. The front end lifts a lot easier now,

I think 4 springs can't handle the initial shock loading,

It's a slightly heavier clutch pull, but not a major prob,


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