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Dellorto carb


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Has anyone fitted a silicone airbox hose on a rev 3, the airbox outlet is a different diameter to the carb inlet, yet the hoses for sale are parallel, thanks.

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Got hold of an original part,

Don't like it, because I have to remove airbox and exhaust mid section to refit the rubber, but will live with it,

Half the fun is surely sitting outside on a stool and fiddling.lol.

My localish club north hants trials club has been a good craic. Should have joined years ago.

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Beta ran the Mikuni from 1990 to 2007, except half the year in 1995 with a DelOrto which totally sucked Some how I survived riding those 18 years. The current PWK is what sucks. That is one other reason I now ride a Montesa.

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Update, bike is a 2008 rev3,

Have fitted the silicon tube, it's now very easy to take carb off.and put back on.

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