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TY250 Front Pipe


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I've got a question for all you guys who've fitted after market front pipes to your Yamaha TY 250's (Majesty's or not)  I see there are basically 3 variations, standard, long (where it exits goes to bike left side up then over and back to right side and short where it exists and comes up through the front framer tubes and back to middle box.

What are the pro's and cons of each from a bike response / riding style perspective.

Also is it a must to have the WEs mid box with either the long or short variation?



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I had the short one on my Majesty and didn't really notice any difference apart from being less prone to damage over the stock one. I did enquire about the long one but was told they are only available for the 175/200, although I have seen a 320 with one fitted. Short pipe is supposed to sharpen up the bottom end and long give more low down grunt.

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I have a Majesty which I rode in the Sebac rounds in the 1990s both as a 250 and 320, and I also tried the standard and long front pipes. During the 2021 lockdown I was running out of bike projects so refurbished the Majesty and decided to rebuild as a 250 with the long front pipe. I think for me this gives the most rideable specification for more natural sections where you are not expected to drop the clutch at high revs to launch at a large step, and, in general riding, made the engine seem more predictable.

My career was/is in engine design and the most important tuning effect on the front pipe is the length to internal diameter ratio, the longer the pipe is relative to the internal diameter the stronger the engine will feel at lower engine speeds and vice-versa. The other factor I believe that can have an overall bigger factor is fitting electronic ignition, in particular to give more advance at higher engine speed to recover what may be lost by the use of the longer front pipe, but I believe the loss is virtually impossible to detect in most sections, as long wet hills where a higher gear is required are now less common. 

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