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Aprilia Climber 280 Help


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I recently got this climber 280. I'm told its a 91 or 92 but I cannot find any vin decoder to verify that. Can anyone familiar with them tell from the pictures what year it range it is?

I'm doing a full fluids swap on it as its been sitting for about 2 years. What gear oil should viscosity should I be using? From my research I've just found people saying a wet clutch compatible oil but cannot find any specifics on the weight. 

It also looks like the forks are collapsed, I haven't had a chance to tear into them yet to see if anything is broken but wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone has run into something like this in the past before I go in blind.

Any help with figuring out how to bring this cool old bike back to life would be greatly appreciated. 



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16 hours ago, teamferret said:

the front forks bend quite easily, i woud bet that's why they are stuck down

They still move freely, they just drop down to the bottom after I pick up the front end, Thinking maybe something internal is broken, or all the fork oil leaked out. I put a square up to the forks and they look pretty straight 

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