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Piston 72 , 250cc


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Il y a 11 minutes, feetupfun disait :

Are you asking about the skirt protruding beyond the sleeve in the bottom photo? Or are you asking about the transfer port sleeve hole being partly obscured by the piston?



Transfert port 

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It should all line up, with the Cylinder Transfer Ports, the Piston Skirts and Cutaways matching. Is that an original piston (Mahle) or a aftermarket replacement?

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Does the piston really go that far down at BDC? What does it look like with the piston crown edge level with the bottom of the exhaust port?

Also the piston should be in there the other way around, with the short skirt at the rear.

On 5/20/2022 at 5:59 PM, JeJeBul198 said:

Transfert port 


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