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Gearbox help please.


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Hi All,


Can anyone please help me with information regarding the re-assembly of a Beamish Suzuki (black engine) gearbox? If someone has some good pictures of the re-assembly order of the components that are known to be correct that will be a great help.

It’s been some years since I took it apart so I have no memory of any details regarding re-assembly. I had taken many pictures but I’m still not confident that the position of some components is correct. I have noticed the 4th gear thrust washer is in a different location to the drawing in the work shop manual, mine was directly behind the 4th gear drive circlip. Also I can’t tell the correct orientation of the 4th gear cog on the countershaft.

I need to point out I have never ridden the bike during my ownership as I bought it as a “fully restored bike” I do not know if the gearbox was functioning correctly for that reason. Gear changes where demonstrated to me during my viewing of the bike but it was on a stand during that time.

Any help or information regarding this request will be much appreciated. I have had the bike in pieces for far too long, it’s time I got if completed.

Picture added for interest.DSC_0060.thumb.JPG.4dbcb9c5d27dca66b45d54bcb10e2d9b.JPG

Many thanks.


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I seem to have a washer missing from the gear change cam barrel retaining arm when I stripped the engine. If this washer is crucial to the operation of the arm  can I replace it with one I have to hand? I realise the washer should not be too thick as to prevent smooth movement of the arm. The location of this washer is not clear in the drawing used in the manual, I assume it is located under the head of the bolt? I have included pictures for clarity.

Is there a manual available other than the one on the Beamish owners site that uses photographs instead of drawings?










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