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Rear shocks for Montesa Cota 247


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A little background:

Me- 6ft. weight 175lb with gear.

Bike- 1970 Montesa Cota 247 with unknown brand of rear shocks. The shocks can be adjust, but I can't turn the adjuster. See photos. 

Skill level- beginner.

where- riding in vintage trials competitions in woods with a lot of uphills and downhills.

Goal- keep getting better and score more points.

Budget- unfortunately tight. I don't want to spend more than 200GBP include shipping to USA.


At first I was intrigue by the OZO "Expert" shocks. The price is 90GBP before shipping and they seems good upgrade for trial competitions. 

Then I start reading and found out a world full of rear shocks upgrade. Unfortunately most of them is out of reach. 

One that I can afford is the steel version of Falcon with 50LB spring (according to their recommendation).

I would like please to read any thoughts of which shocks are preferred or maybe something I'm missing.




Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 5.21.47 PM.png

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1 hour ago, scot taco said:

Speed and Sport in California carries NJB trials shocks with different option in price for different skill levels. Might be worth checking out or giving him a call.

Do you have any experience with the NJB shocks? 

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I have NJB Trix shocks on my 199B Sherpa T and they are great. I also have NJB Expert shocks on my 159 and 199 and they are also very good. The Trix ones are better but more expensive. I also bought 2 pairs of Experts for a mate to go on his 199A and his 199B and he really likes them too!

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I had a pair of Falcons on my HT5 Ariel, they were very good, would thoroughly recommend them. The only bad experience I've had with rear shocks is with Betor's. On one of my Ty250 Yamaha's I had a pair which leaked within a few months from new. But they worked better when they had leaked, so I carried on using them till I sold the bike. 

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