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Spouse with EU passport, Myself a GB one, travelling to the EU.


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A few questions about the way things stand at the moment regarding the EU.

The wife is from the Rep of Ireland and holds an EU passport . I myself hold a British passport.

Am I able to pass through the EU citizens passport border control with the wife or would I have to join the NON EU queue?

Do the visa requirements for longer stays in the EU still apply to me as a British passport holder?

I have Googled for answers but there is nothing concrete and it seems to be for people entering the UK not the other way.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for any replies.


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I am in same situ - missus has IRL passport as her dad was Irish.  You, like me, will be in the slow queue and need to apply for a long stay visa if you want to do more than 90 days.  The visa is Schengen and the French system is online if you need it.

Move to Ireland and stay three years and you can have an Irish passport.  I am looking at this option.

What I cannot find out is if we need to road register the bikes to take them to Ireland.  There doesn't seem to be much trials there - what there is is in the north so still in the UK (for the time being).  Nephew is in Cork but not a trials person.  Ha - youth hey - what do they know?

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