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Honda XL250 S - 23" front tyre


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Search for CST - I think they are the only ones available.  My XL250 was stolen and I still miss it but the tyre size was a mistake by Honda.  There are some other wheels that can be fitted I think, but I need to find the thief first 🙂


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Bridgestone UK came back and said they no longer make the tyre and any for sale around the world are old stock which will not be replaced.

Vintage tyres - tried them a week or so back and they said they are out of stock.

Have sent Classic Red in France an email to see what they say about availability.



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CST is just Cheng Shin rebranded slightly.  The 23" rim might have been a good idea that Honda experimented with, but nobody else seemed to have adopted it. This was around the same time that Michelin brought out some odd-sized rims for cars like 365 and 390mm I recall; that idea also didn't go anywhere.

The Bridgestone TW9 seems to be available in Canada as well https://fortnine.ca/en/bridgestone-tw9-trail-wing-dual-sport-front-tire


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If I still had mine I think I would look at whether you can find a set of decent forks and a disc brake set up that would fit.  The problem with that is the bike is then not "original" and they appear to be worth a small fortune.  Certainly enough that you could sell one and buy a CFR with the money.  Shame.  I really liked mine and have great memories of it. 

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