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working on my Amal carburettor Montesa 348


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Looks to me as a Spanish Mk2. All Spanish Mk2´s I have seen are 2-stroke carbs. Body and throttle valve originally were made of zink so they will wear together and replacements might be needed. Think they do the valves in a a different material nowadays so it is worth considering.

Whatever you do make sure you have the correct parts for your carb. Lot of parts around that are lookalike but will deteriorate the performance.

If very expensive you may have to consider a replacement carb perhaps from a different brand.

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Note that Mk1 carbs spare part numbers often start  622/628 while Mk2 often start 2622/2928 and they are most often not interchangable. "Things to consider" is one important paragraph. Also note they changed the  jet holder. Think it was around 1970 (from memory, not sure)

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