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Yamaha Majesty Nova


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Is it an early Majesty based on a modified Yamaha frame, or a later Don Godden one ?  The Yam framed one is easy because you can get a dating certificate from the Yamaha RD Aircooled club very easily using the original Yamaha serial number on the headstock. But I wouldn't mention anything to HMRC or DVLA about it being a Majesty, just that it is a Yamaha TY.  If its a Godden frame it may be more difficult, especially if there is no frame number. Then you may need help getting an HMRC / DVLA recognised agent to do a dating certificate. May be easier in that case to buy a standard TY frame and register that. Most larger car garages / showrooms have facility to check from the frame number if it has ever been registered - If you can find a friendly one its worth doing for a few quid,get lucky and it might just be a case of applying for a new log book if it was previously registered.

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I had a Godden framed 1982 one, a few years ago and I got it road registered at the local DVLA office

I managed to obtain a letter from John Shirt Snr that stated he was the creator of the Majesty Yamaha and the frame number on my bike, was for a 1982 bike and this sufficed as a dating certificate, as it was signed/dated and on JST headed paper

2-3 years ago I road registered a Yamaha TYZ and the previous owner had a Yamaha dating letter from a few years previous and I used a specialist agent affiliated to VMCC to do all the road registration paperwork, as it was damn sight easier to pay them to do it, as all the local DVLA offices are shut

A friend (with a NOVA cert and all the original Italian paperwork) registered a 1984 Moto Guzzi in 2020 and it came back from Swansea with 20 registration plate and he couldn't get them to change it, to a 1984 prefix

Now the local DVLA offices are shut, it has gone to pot

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