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TRS front break


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18 hours ago, lineaway said:

 You took it apart. Did you install a new rebuild kit?

No just cleaned everything up. Got it back together but now it hardly works. Not sure if i haven't bleed it up right or i have got something else wrong 

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You’ve probably just got air in the system & it needs bleeding. Trials bike brakes, (particularly rears) are notorious for being a pain to bleed properly. Make sure you have free play at the lever so to be sure that the master cylinder piston is returning fully after each lever stroke. Some folks say it’s a good idea to hang the whole assembly upside down (calliper at the top) overnight in a warm place to encourage any air to rise up so you can then bleed it to release it, others say they always reverse bleed using a large syringe of fluid onto the bleed nipple & forcing fluid backwards through the line to expel the air. Whichever way, it seems sometimes it’s straightforward and other times it takes loads of attempts. Frustrating but just keep trying.

Agree with lineaway though, if I’d got a problem & was stripping the system down, I’d use a rebuild kit at reassembly just to be sure as much as possible is definitely serviceable. Plus, whatever you may have used in cleaning might have an effect on the seal material which could shorten their life anyway.

Good luck.

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 Another thing, you say it was sticking. The brakes were locking up, the lever was not returning? You used dot 4 brake fluid? Over tightening the adjustment can leave no free play which causes chaos. Also it is possible the bike came with a poor m/c in the first place.

 Ps, the front brake should just self bleed. Another thing you can try is pump up the lever and tie it closed to the lever over night.

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