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Hi I've only just started since taking early retirement, I've mainly done football and rugby photography but this year more and more motor cycle and military aviation.

I'm hoping to build up a online portfolio covering all my aspects of photography but I'm just a amateur photographer with a passion for sports photography.

Kind regards Tony 

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For a while I worked weekends covering motorsport for one of the glossies, it was fun and got me into a lot of places where not many people tread, but it was also stressful because I needed to get some good photos otherwise I'd not get more work!  As a hobby I imagine it's much better ... good luck in your pursuit!

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My tip for that would be to ask semi-amateur teams if they would like a photographer to follow them around for an event so they get good "team photos" ... that's how I got started in it, a friend was a team mechanic and got me a pit pass in order to take some nice photos (but once you're in the pit you can photograph anything, and you're not stepping on the toes of the pros because the semi-amateur teams don't get a lot of press, lol).

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