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Tiger cub rear 520 sprocket


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I am just finishing a Tiger cub trials project and would appreciate any advice on the rear sprocket.  The current chain is a 520 and I see from the manuals and most postings that a 420 is the standard size.  The 520 clears everything and I would like to stay with this if possible as it will be stronger and will cope with the awesome power of the 275cc upgrade on it...... Joking, the power is still not arm-wrenching but it does sound excellent!  ;o)

All the sprockets I can find on the interweb are 420, can anyone advise on where to go for a 520? 

Best Regards

InkedCub no plate edit.jpg

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Just a thought.

Make sure you have a problem with the 420 chain before even think about a 520 replacement. My experience tells me the 420 chain i excellent in low to medium powered trials bikes (as most classic bikes are). The 520 chain is for the higher powered ones. The 420 means less polygon effect. That´s good.


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