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How is supported the seat of the Alpina 350 188


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Hello. I’m in France (sorry for my bad english) and I’m almost ready to restart this 188 Alpina.

I still have to repair the seat that have a bracket tear off and would like it don't do it again.

How this saddle is supported is unclear to me.

My understanding is that the seat rests on the frame at the areas I have surrounded in black. The brackets (one missing) that I have surrounded in red are only to avoid the seat to lift up and are not loaded by the weight. Is that the way it works?

Furthermore, I think (this is quite clear) the forks of the saddle (surrounded in blue) should be under the frame cross plate.

My Bultaco specialist told me the seat rests on the brackets surrounded in red but I think he is more used to the Sherpas trial.

I hope you understand and I thank you for your help.





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