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Trials upgraded spring


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Hey all, so I am about 250ish lbs with gear. Hoping this is the correct place to ask for correct gear. So I am wondering if I should upgrade my springs to something stiffer. I do trail ride on the trials, but its usually super rocky. I train in there so I can develop some balance and force myself to stand up. I have a feeling stiffer springs would be very beneficial for my weight, but asking for opinions? This is essentially what the terrain looks like. And if I should invest in Trials boots vs the MX boots I have now?





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My vote is that anytime you setup the bike for your weight you will have a better overall experience than if you didn't and at around 250~ or so I would probably spend the $ to get the correct springs if it was me. 

Sure you can do it without but why fight the bike if you can spare the cash to get it setup correctly.  Hope that helps. 

My 2 cents for what its worth. 

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I did just that. Upgraded my std springs to stiffer ones and love it. I am not a good rider and still starting to get the grips. But I have a good feeling for what helps and what not. And the springs where great!


On the boots. I have just bought trials boots but I am not sure if I like the softness compared to my G12s

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I talked to some folks who I met on the trail they also said to upgrade my springs since I am not really going into a trials area per say. im more of a hybrid/trials guy. I ride about 5 10 miles, the cruise along to my next practice area. With stiffer spring he said technically I can take more hits as a trail ride esp in the rocky terrain and easier to float over obstacle. I also have to ride a bit to get to this area when I am not practicing at my house. Thanks all!!

Anyone knows where to get the springs for a TXT 300 trials from 2004? no idea if I can just use any. Front and rear?

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