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TY 250 and 350 Mono Advice


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I'm over in California and have been looking at a couple of vintage monos.
One is a 1983 TY 250  and the other is a 1985 TY 350 . I've been told to steer away from these bikes as parts are almost non-existent (top ends, bottom ends, clutch, etc.).
I've been told the 250 is a better bike but the 350 is in better condition. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. I'm a novice rider, weigh 60kg, and I currently ride a 1974 TY 250. I'm looking for another vintage trials bike that is a bit more plush to ride and I'd like the parts availability to do a full rebuild if it comes to that. My local club has a provisional class for the monos so I'd still be able to compete. 
Or should I hold out and spend too much money for a Fantic 240 selling for a whopping $3,950? 
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250 will probably be easier to get rod & top end parts as the 350s were sold in less places. I could be wrong but the 250 pinky that was sold into the 90s shared a lot of parts with the front end being the main difference

Cambs trial centre in the UK are a good source of mono parts & have had certain parts remanufactured

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