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2020 Montesa 4rt Olle r16 shock top bushes


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As my previous threads have said I've bought an unused 2020 260 mont. It is brand new and unused. Oddly I noticed play in the top shock bearing. I tried to tighten up the bolt but it was tight enough. I took off the shock and it appears the bushes do not sit properly in the spherical bearing.

I'm convinced either the factory has fitted the wrong bearing to the correct bushes or vice versa. After noticing that my chain tensioner block had been fitted upside down nothing would suprise me. Aren't dealers supposed to pdi bikes ?

Im wondering if maybe the factory fitted showa bushes or bearings onto Olle bearings or bushes. They would have had both in the factory for the different spec bikes. If you look at the photos of both bushes they look pretty identical but I'm not sure if they are incompatible. They certainly have different prices so maybe they are. Interestingly the shock bolt was one of the few bolts that didn't have the inspection paint blob on from the factory. I've just taken my shock up to my local trials shop so they can get to the bottom of it and save me ordering parts unnecessarily.IMG_20230130_192713454.thumb.jpg.5983c36d708895bdd7b6cbeb92abbf12.jpg



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24 minutes ago, lsv said:

If it has a Olle shock it will need the correct bushes. The spherical bearings are different from the ones fitted to the Showa shocks.

Many thanks for the answer. Just got to work out now whether I've got the wrong bearing or spacers. I'm geussing it's the spacers as I'm sure the bearing would come to the factory pre fitted.

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The Showa bearings won't fit the other shock.16v are larger OD and wider, hence bushes are different.


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