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Yamaha TY250 advice


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Hi Folks,

Just bought two yamaha ty 250 mono of unknown age.

Bikes were bought as non running but complete. both 59N chassis id

One has a steel tank with a white frame (poss originally red) it has J. Shirt on the flywheel cover and silencer, the steering lock has been cut down on that bike

The other bike has a plastic tank, red frame with a dirt ground out rear link (flat where it faces rear tyre)

There are differences in the frames with the red frame bike having a couple of brackets with holes on a down tube at kickstart side, the white frame bike does not have that.

I could put all the best bits on one bike and keep the other for spares.  I'd like some help on rough dates on these bikes if anyone can help.

I'll have to go over both bikes to figure out the "better" bike.







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better photos
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Hi crankcase the 59n model was the road spec version I'm led to believe , You could try looking on Trail & Trial website as they have a chart with different engine/frame numbers for model reference.


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Thanks folks,

On removing the exhaust on one of the TYs I found I was able to roll the piston side to side a wee bit, I guess that means the small end it totally shot?

Yet when I got the bike started it did not sound bad which is impressive :) no doubt this will involve more than a small end change.

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