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Technical Resources for Electric Motion Trials Bikes


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For those interested, I have built a website devoted to Electric Motion trials bikes.  I intend it as a give-back for all the things I've learned via the internet over the years.  There is no advertising or commercial content.


Edit: Forgot to mention there's a very effective search tool built into the website - just use the magnifying glass at the upper right-hand corner.

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Great resource.  Thanks for that.  I am test riding an EM Race next month.  I have seen about the battery cells before and that you can buy new cells cheap but the EM battery pack is silly money.  It is one of the things that puts me off as it potentially means an expensive battery replacement at some point in the future.  Any way to have a DIY solution to replace cells at a reasonable price is a good step forward.

The section on Stark Varg suggests that there is a lot of potential to develop much better trials bikes in future.  Price is going to be the biggest drag on things for sure.

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