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Clutch / Gearbox oil


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Hi Guys (+ Gals ),

can anyone say if the bikes of this age had mineral oil @ the day and if it is still to recommend. The problem with neu oil types are that they seem to make trouble with seals. especialy the SWM has problems with oil leaks and needs new seals for the kicker and gear shaft at regular intervals.

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16 hours ago, mudyman said:

No I haven´t 😞 

I have 2 or 3 bikes that have needed the O-ring changing with regular frequency. Can you get to the one on the other end without splitting

the cases? 

Nope 😭

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I use Belray 80wt Gearsaver, works great and have been using it for about 5 years in my 1980 SWM TL320. I had a small leak at shifter/Kickstarter shaft and doubled the O rings. Haven’t had a leak in a couple of years now! 


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For wet clutch and transmissions I use the same thing I use in my Kubota tractor or excavator transmission & hydraulics.  Works out to around 8$ per litre or less then half the cost of motorcycle lubricants so I can change it more frequently and that's the ticket to better clutch performance, you need to keep the dirt and water out.

To the question of mineral oil, yes it's been around almost forever,  Norton brand honing or sharpening stone oil is a very thin, food safe, pure mineral oil and works great in a clutch hydraulic master cylinders as well as for lubricating cables and mechanical parts where a thin oil is called for.  Been using both types of oil successfully in all brands and types of motorcycles for decades.


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