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Help - I have two oils and dont know which goes where: Bultaco Sherpa 250 T circa 1966


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I have some Putoline Light Gear Oil (which I think has a viscosity of 98 according to their website)

Bit annoying as the bloody bottle doesn't actually state the SAE number.

I also have some Putoline ATF (which I think has a viscosity of 175 according to their website)

I got them from In Motion Trials, but have forgotten which one to use in the Gearbox and which one to use in the Clutch. 

I would ring them up, but its Sunday and the sun is shining and I really want to ride my bike.

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I'd go with the thin one for the clutch, gear oil is generally thicker.  Not a big fan of ATF in anything other than an Automatic Transmission myself but others seem to like it.  You can search for a conversion chart that shows the relative viscosity from ISO SAE & AGMA oils. just google "ISO SAE conversion" Images and it will be the first hit.

😎 Have a good ride if you haven't already left, cold and pouring rain here but I still might go for a ride 

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I agree with Lemur. But why not test thin gearbox oil as ELF HTX740 all-around (in clutch and gearbox).HX740 recommended by Honda/Montesa in their cota 4-strokes. It is quite expensive, so try to get a good deal. On the happy side is not much is needed.


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I have great luck with UDT hydraulic oil in any combined wet clutch and gearbox, at about 8$ Canadian per litre purchased in quantity (19 litre pail)  it's a fraction of the cost and you can change it frequently.  Available at any farm tractor or excavator dealer, I'm using Kubota branded (ISO 46) at the moment, previously have used New Holland Ambra or John Deere products with similar results, never had to replace a clutch and the clutch is easy to break free after sitting even in sub zero temps.

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