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Termignoni exhaust on 2022 Montesa 301RR

been there

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4 hours ago, been there said:

I would like to install the Termignoni muffler and header pipe on a 2022 Montesa 301RR. Does anyone know the part numbers for these two parts ?


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1 hour ago, lemur said:

Cool!  Looks expensive, let us know if it works any better then the factory competition modification 

Approx  £1700.00 , a Termignoni Sticker/ Decal is a lot cheaper with probably similar results but some people like shopping and of course that is their business.. Trials riding is more about Techniques used than the actual bikes as can be seen by watching the video 'Taming the Beast by Toni Bou' where he rides a Africa Twin over some trials stuff , to be fair the bike is fitted with a Termignoni exhaust.

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Hi ladies and gentlemen, I currently have just put the Matani header pipe and a Termi carbon back box on my 23 301 RR which looks lovely and makes the bike more responsive, I’m selling the bike so it is going up for sale! And will be a big saving on a new system! I’m in the uk so could be shipped overseas if needed. 

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