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Water in air box 21 TRS 300 one R


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I rode up  a creek  and my bike started choking on water   and a week later  before I went out for a ride lets look at the filter  It was still wet  and the bottom of the air box has a 1inch of water still in there 

why is there no drain 

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There is a drain flap at the bottom of the airbox, which can get caked up with mud etc and thus stops it draining. If you get a look at a parts diagram, it is part no 02014TR100.

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The drain flap is a bit of rigid type of plastic, and it is not a tight seal ( a bit like a reed valve), so water usually flows out or seeps out. But caked on mud can make it seal closed. Best thing is to remove rear guard with the airbox and check your drain flap. Also, as in suggestion in your other post, it is wise to separate the airbox from the rear guard/fender and reseal as the factory needs to use a bit more sealant to stop ingress of mud and water flicked up from the rear wheel.

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