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EFI OSSA Model Year Identification


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Just added a section to my website on identifying model years based on VIN and motor number.

See it here: https://www.ossa-efi.com/home/factory-documentation/model-year-identification

I would love to gather more examples, and possibly even create a registry of where bikes are roughly located.

If you don't want to share your complete VIN, even the 10th character would be helpful.  Likewise for the motor number, the two characters after the "I" would be helpful.

I'm especially interested in finding examples from 2015. 

Feel free to contact me by PM.  

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From two I have owned, here is what I conclude.


the Euro VIN sequence is not followed.

the 10 character in the VIN for the Explorer at least.

C= 2014

E- 2015

Engine numbers:

 13 = 14 model year

14= 15 model year.


I am 100% certain the 2014 I had was a 14 model, one of the very first in the States (maybe first Explorer sold). The 2015 I am pretty sure is right, and the numbers are ‘one later’ than the 14.  Certianly the 14 was made in 13 (I got it in October) and likely the 15 was made in 14. 

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