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Yamaha DT175


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Hi All.

I've just done a deal on ebay for what I understood was a 1980 Yamaha DT125 Trials bike.

After picking up the bike and a bit of investigation it turns out to be a DT175 engine in a hand made frame possibly WES Powys? There are some trick aluminium parts, air filter and exhaust expansion box and fuel tank. Marchoni forks

Engine starts easily so I'm happy I've got a good deal.

I'm trying to identify the frame  builder.

Anyone know anything about it? Any info would be useful.

Thanks Peter






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Well that is pretty cool.  I Googled "chapman bsa trials" and the first hit is here: 

Looks like the original builder was a member here (mick_99) and replied, "...20 production bikes and there were 3 prototype made:..."

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