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Yamaha TY175 clutch case/kickstarter


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Fitted a  DT100 case but find the TY kickstart splines dont protrude through enough and that I can pull the kickstart shaft out by 10mm, I could space that out with a teflon spacer but  does anyone know if the RT or DT100 (or early dt175 twin shock) kickstart shaft is longer than the standard TY shaft?

Or do these models have different crankcases that positions the kickstart shaft further out with the correct clearance to the clutch case?

Has anyone successfully extended a kickstart shaft by cutting, welding in a new section?

Looks like the kickstart shaft would have to be about 10mm longer than std TY175 to use these older cases.


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2 hours ago, crankcase said:

thanks, I can find some but I need to know the lengths of these alternative shafts. Need one about 9mm longer.

Based on previous postings on this subject, if you buy the shaft for the motor that the clutch cover you have is from, it will protrude the right amount.

There is a search facility for these forums where you can find previous postings on this subject.

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I had thought a dt100 kickstart mech would work but from what I see online where some vendors state a shaft length they don’t appear to be longer and some are stated as shorter?! But maybe the inner crankcase has a different casting. If I could get accurate measurements for these alternative shafts (DT/rt10o and twin shock dt175 then this could be a good solution for ty case replacements

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