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Old Guy--- Just A Newer Game . . .


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Ive ridden bikes since 1963, bought my first one myself at 18 in 1965 . . and have had over 100 different bikes in the last 45 years . . . . Being a 'tool guy' I mostly fix them up, drive them for a while and resell and buy something better until I have something I want to keep a while . . I rode a 74 Honda tl125 in 74-76 and a tl250 in 84 , , , had a bad fall in 85 desending a steep slope, broken bones involved, and swore off dirt bikes . . . kept ridding street bikes until I was 55 and my wife asked me to stop . . said Ok . . . went for 4 years without a bike . . . But at age 60 I couldn't stand being bikeless, bought 2 Trials bikes and want to try it again . . . .

Wow, has the world of trial changed . . .and I'm riding a 98 Gas Gas and a 98 Scorpa . . . nice bikes, more capable than I am but some of the new stuff is like rocket science to me

. .So you're going to see me asking a lot of novice questions as I try to pick this sport up again . . .

Thanks in advance for answering my good questions and putting up with any 'stupid' question . .

Dave in Calif

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I just picked up trials again as well. There are two guys in their 70s in our club and one guy that is 63. The 63 year old started riding trials around 1965 and never put it down. One of the 70 something guys consistantly whips the Sportsman class by dropping half as many points as anyone else. He could ride advanced if his knees would let hm. The only thing that I can say about their abilities is that I hope some day to be able to ride half as good as any one of them. These guys as well as yourself are a great inspiration to me.

Have fun!!!

It's a great sport with lots of great people!!!

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