2015 Scottish Pre-65 Entry List Announced

pre 65 logoThe ballot for the 2015 Trial took place on 6 December and letters were posted on Saturday 13 December to everyone who entered so, if you entered, you should by now know whether or not you were successful.  If you haven’t received your letter by the end of this week, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thanks to everyone who entered and, if you were one of the unlucky ones, my commiserations and better luck next year.


297 entries were received for the 180 available spaces and a further 22 from the remaining eligible entries were balloted for the Reserve List.  Communication between entrants and the club are improving and our stand at the Telford Show last year was a good launching pad for our new Machine Examiner to be able to speak to riders to give any advice on what is or isn’t eligible to anyone who wanted it.  Riders appear to be listening and taking note and this shows in the standard of the bikes being entered.  If you have any eligibility questions you would like to ask, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will pass them onto the Machine Examiner.


I have received a few emails regarding comments made by the Machine Examiner but these do not necessarily mean that you weren’t entered into the ballot, some are merely a means of letting you know that there are aspects of the components that need to be changed if you wish to increase your chance of an entry in the future.


The pictures that accompany the entry form are important as they are the first steps in ascertaining whether or not the bike is eligible to be put forward for the ballot although they are not the only criteria.  The whole purpose of the pictures is to see the bike as it will be ridden in Kinlochleven and it is the entrants responsibility to ensure that what is in the picture is eligible as they are used during the machine check prior to the event.  It is in your best interests to ensure that the pictures are A4 size (full sheet of paper per picture) as requested, that they are in colour and they clearly show the components that are listed in the Machine Details Form.  If the picture is too small, of poor quality, taken in the dark, taken at an angle or the printer ink running out and very pink in colour then the components cannot be clearly seen and you risk your entry being put to the side.  If, for example, a delorto carburettor which is not eligible for the event is fitted in the picture because you use this throughout the rest of the year but you will be fitting an amal mk1 or mk1 ½  for the event, you need to ensure that this is clearly stated on the form and if successful in the ballot, you need to ensure that this is fitted on the bike before travelling to Kinlochleven as you will not be permitted to start without it.  This example is the same for all the listed components on the Machine Details Form.


The Pre’65 Scottish Trial Committee would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Successful 2015.



  2015 Scottish Pre-65 Trial Entry List
Entry List
First Name Surname
Kurt Ahlgren
Eddie Aitkin
Javier Aldecoa
Hug Alemany
Richard Allen
Pedro Andres
Paul Anstey
Peter Archer
Stephen Armistead
Graham Atkinson
Laurent Baatz
Colin Bailey
Tim Baker
Nicholas Baker
Carl Batty
Thorne Beckley-Pett
Liston Bell
Michael Bell
Lewis Bell
Paul Bennett
Billy Bishop
Andrew Black
Frank Blackbyrne
Andrew Blacker
Stuart Blythe
Eric Boocock
Robert Bowyer
Tony Bradley
Tim Britton
Shaun Brown
Neil Buckley
Barry Burton
Ben Butterworth
Jack Butterworth
Neill Buttery
Ossy Byers
Tony Calvert
Alex Carmichael
Andrew Carruthers
Sara Carter
Carlos Casas
Paul Casling
Alexis Cautain
Kevin Chapman
Iain Clark
Dan Clark
Philip Clarkson
John Colclough
David Coughlan
Harry Craig
Alan Crayk
Javier Cruz
Neil Dawson
Luis Diaz Bedate
Clive Dopson
Graham Du Feu
Graham Dukes
Garry Dwyer
Stuart Edgar
Frank Evans
Robert Faulkner
Guy Favre
John Feather
Alan Fender
Lennart Frannesjo
Colin Fray
Andrew Frith
Antonio Garcia Bonilla
Keith Gardner
Javier Gil Codesido
David Glover
Robert Goodwin
Alan Gordon
Lee Granby
Mick Grant
Peter Gray
Chris Haigh
Alan Halford
Sam Hampshire
Owen Hardisty
James Harland
Mark Harris
Philip Harris
Tim Hartshorne
John Heenan
Jose Hernaez Aymat
Simon Heyes
Paul Heys
Juhani Himmanen
Andy Hipwell
Phillip Hodgson
Kevin Hood
Phil Houghton
Graham Hutcheson
Michael Irving
Alastair Jackson
Hamish Jamieson
Manel Jane
Mika Jansson
Angus Jenkinson
Russell Jones
Wim Kroon
Robert Lafferty
Martin Lillywhite
Peter Lockwood
Robert Lowther
Robin Luscombe
Sandy Mack
Ross Mackay
Vincent Mackintosh
Gary Marshall
John Maxfield
Ian McAnespie
Mark McComisky
Eric McMeekin
Bruce Metcalf
Barry Micklethwaite
Grant Miller
Gerry Minshall
Duncan Mitchell
John Moffat
Jose Rafael Moreno
Davy Morewood
James Morton
Gordon Muir
Martin Murphy
Christopher Myers
Matthew Neale
Harvey Nixon
James Noble
Roy Palmer
Steven Palmer
John Palmer
Gary Parker
Andrew Paxton
Jim Pickering
Janice Proctor
Gerard Redden
Stuart Rockett
Wim Royackers
Paul Salvadori
Joan Pere Santure
Simon Sharp
Andrew Sharp
Garry Shaw
Ian Shedden
Robert Shepherd
Norman Shepherd
Nick Shield
Tom Sjoman
Martyn Stanistreet
Harry Stanistreet
Ian Strickland
Tony Swidenbank
Richard Talbot
Anthony Talbot
David Thorpe
Inigo Ucelay
Diego Urreta
Didier Valade
Yrjo Vesterinen
Axel Vilaseca
Darren Walker
Mark Watmore
David Watson
Mike Watson
William Weatherhead
Keith Wells
Mark Whitham
Michael Whitlow
Murray Whittaker
Alan Whitton
Eckehard Wienstroer
Philip Wiffen
Paul Wilkins
Graham Wilkinson
Leslie Winthrop
Ashley Wood
Marc Wycherley
Brian Young
Reserve Riders 
First Name Surname
Gary Baker
Roger Callaghan
Michael Clarke
Anthony Cooper
Salvador Del Campo
Edward Dobson
Scott Dommett
Michael Dorricott
Paul Edwards
David Emmott
Christopher Gascoigne
Nigel Greenwood
Chris Hampshire
Thomas James Kinsman
Duncan MacDonald
Tom McBride
Jamie Reid
Jack Slassor
Robert Spencer
Allister Stewart
Ross Thomson
Ken Wallington