Northern British Bike Championship Final Round

Red Rose Classic Trials Club were the hosts for the final round of the 2018 Championship, set around the Trawden area of Lancashire. The club set out 30 sections over 5 groups, with perhaps the lowest road miles in any of this year’s events.

When the club recently lost the original planned starting venue, there was the possibility that we might have faced losing the last round, but with lots of effort, they were fortunate to secure a starting area at LBS Mill, which proved to be a perfect location. The route was planned with lots of sensible left turns at road junctions and although riders had to observe quiet areas at the start and finish venue there was very little road work within the town of Trawden. The larger groups of sections at Cathlow Bottoms and Float Bridge were excellent and hats off to the club for finding observers to man all the 30 sections.

Good weather on the day only went to make it a very enjoyable final round. The co-ordinators would like to thank Red Rose for the extra effort involved in ensuring the event went ahead.

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