Hillsbrough MCC Yorkshire Centre Champ Trial Sunday 14th Dec

hillsborough mccSomehow (and I'm still wondering how) we've managed to keep tomorrow's final round of the Yorkshire Centre Championship a bit of a secret and not published any information; so please find below are few key points!!


At the request of the centre we have included Youth A & B and the event will count to the championship, this has been possible by retaining an all off road course which we could only confirm this week.


Start:  The start is the same as this years Jack Wood, it will be signposted from the A57 at Hollow Meadows - you can go up the no access road. (S6 6GN - is a more acurate postcode)




We will transport some petrol from the start to the sections - in order that you can ride over to the section and complete two laps without coming back and forth to the start field.  The purpose of this is so rider are not continually riding through the farm yard - if we want to return to the venue and continue with the car park - IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW THIS INSTRUCTION.


See you tomorrow - starts at 10am.